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A Year with the Harrisons

Sarah Scheele

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The Harrison family has always walked to the beat of its own drum. Some even took that literally and decided to become musicians. Few trust them. Few know them. Joe Harrison’s branch of the family has taken a religious life, spiritual and respectable to the core, but they are bound to each other more than to any outward community by ties that go far back. Brenda Harrison’s branch has become celebrated in the music world, yet their roots are like those of an ever-growing tree linking them back to their cousin Joe. Betty Harrison, Brenda’s daughter, drifts unconcernedly between both because she knows they are really one. Being a Harrison is a deeply rooted way of life and if you stray too far into their midst, you might never find your way out again. Which could be a problem if you don’t know enough about them.

Women's Fiction Chick Lit

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