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The Witch and the Warlock

Elisa Covey

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4.5 Stars
From 2 Reviews

Xavier Alexandros could have any witch or mortal he wants. When his golden eyes are set on Jenna Reness she can't see why he could ever want her. A white witch like her could never suit his tastes. But to Xavier, a cursed Lothian warlock, the modest witch holds an attraction that he himself doesn't understand.

Jenna resists him with determination, after all, it's up to her to save her family from ruin and resist a powerful warlock who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Paranormal Romance Romantic Suspense Cozy Mysteries

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Free to Read and FREE to download! Enjoy this paranormal romance about a witch in love with a warlock, and the curse which might keep them apart...or finally bring them together.

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