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Travel Bug Goes to France: A Fun World Travel Guide for Kids

Bobby Basil

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4.5 Stars
From 2 Reviews

Teach your child about French culture, food, and history with Travel Bug!

Travel Bug loves to explore the world and wants you to come along! He’s like Peppa Pig—excited about the world and everything in it!

In this book, Travel Bug travels to France and learns about the exciting country. From France’s tasty food to the Eiffel Tower, Travel Bug explains everything in a child friendly way. And kids feel part of the adventure with Travel Bug talking directly to them.

***Perfect for Preschoolers 3-5 years old!***

This book includes:
    •    Bright and colorful pictures kids will love
    •    Fun facts about France
    •    Easy to read words for kids
    •    3 free books (just click the link inside the book!)

Get the book and go on an adventure with Travel Bug today!

Children's Middle Grade

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