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Educated by the Alien: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance

Sabrina Kade

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3.8 Stars
From 5 Reviews

Arizona’s been an Intergalactic Call-Girl for so long that nothing shocks her anymore, but when a freckle-faced, smartass comes into her life, she’s intrigued. Alluring Blythe knows aliens can’t be trusted until one seems determined to prove there’s kindness hidden in even the darkest corners of the universe.

This is a prequel novella set in the Rebels of Sidyth series but can be read at any time. It includes a preview chapter of Purchased by the Alien (Book #1) and Guarded by the Alien (Book #2) and is a great introduction to the sci-fi romance series with guaranteed HEAs and hot alien action.

Sci-fi Romance

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