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Karma Wears Versace

Rod Palmer

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Atlanta doesn’t have room for both an incomparable serial killer and the phenomenal homicide detective, Aisha Sawyer. The showdown is set with the killer’s first feat: murder by viral disease, contaminating a hip hop icon and a med student. The investigation sends Sawyer and her whole-snack partner after a logical mark, a surgeon with motive and the resume to fit the crime. Sawyer, however, defies logic and her sergeant.

Her investigative mojo is entrenched in the maternal instinct that makes woman the more advanced gender and Sawyer a more advanced detective. She probes the hip hop side of the double murder where shady outliers present unexpected twists. All the while, the death toll rises. The killer’s only clue is the common immoral trait the victims share; this killer is a vigilante – the victims’ karma returning to settle the books.

To preserve the rule of law, Detective Sawyer wields her black girl magic like the Jedi force, not only for Lady Justice, but against her provocative sister, Karma, who ultimately sets her sights upon Sawyer, for what she too must atone.

“A taut murder tale… refreshingly strong African American women” – (Kirkus Reviews).

“…stylish and heavy-hitting detective thriller…” – (Foreword Reviews).

“This is a cool, well-written mystery with enough literary verve to keep armchair detectives guessing…” – (BlueInk Reviews).

General Thrillers African American Interest

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