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Just Between Us: A Friends to Lover's Romance

Bri Stone

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I watched her with rapt attention. Most of the time I spent with Lori, I wasn’t making rational decisions. Could be because I was a man after all, and she was really pretty…not just pretty--she’s beautiful, smart, witty, sweet…perfect. And an innocent, inexperienced virgin.
We have no secrets, and we never lie to each other; but Lorraine Dawes is my best friend and I’ve been in love with her since I was fifteen years old--since I even knew what love was.
To top it off, she is moving in with me for six months.
Then she makes this Virgin Manifesto, talking about how she wants to 'give it up' to the best volunteer. 'And I'm the best one.
You know, normal stuff.

Contemporary Romance New Adult Romance General Erotica

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