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Troublesome Roommate

Chloe Grey

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Roommate Wanted: Looking for someone to share my crappy apartment. Bonus points if you are a hot guy with rocking abs.

The last part was a joke. Biggest mistake of my life.

When I opened my door to my new roommate, I never expected him to be exactly what I had asked for.

Hot? Very.

Tall? Check.

Gorgeous eyes? Blue, and check.

Rocking abs? Check.

I thought I had scored the jackpot. But what was the first thing he said to me?


Now I hate my new roommate and he hates me too.

It doesn’t matter. I will just continue my life as if he isn't here, shirtless and roaming around our apartment. I have other things to focus on, like the new job I am starting tomorrow to clear off my crushing debts.

First day of work and who do I bump into?

My freakin' roommate.

And the worst part?

He's my boss.

Contemporary Romance New Adult Romance Romantic Comedy

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