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Insta Bride

Erin Fox

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4.8 Stars
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Being attracted to the cover model for my new romance novel is acceptable.
Deciding to enter a fake marriage with him? That’s totally off-limits.

I’ve wanted the perfect bad boy on my romance novel covers since I first started writing alpha males. And my Instagram feed landed the perfect guy in the interview room: cocky, charming, and charismatic.
He needs a wife. I need a husband.

So we make a deal. It’s all business, right? OK so I know it’s ridiculous. People say marriages cause problems. We think a fake marriage can solve all of ours.

It’s off-limits, unprofessional, and totally forbidden for me to take advantage of the man who’s showing me his abs to pose for my cover.

He just wants to be professional… and my husband. With benefits.
And I just want to be his wife. But he makes me feel things I only write about.

When things get complicated, will we fall apart… or does our invented love story become real?

All of my stories are safe with no cheating and a guaranteed HEA!

Romantic Comedy Contemporary Romance Erotic Romance

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