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Alien Entanglement

Josie Walker

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4.0 Stars
From 2 Reviews

Get ready for an action packed and steamy ride that’s out of this world… literally.

When I fell in love with my sexy Krinar alien, it never crossed my mind that he might want to venture into outer space. Can I do that? I don’t know how I feel about spaceships and warp speed! But what if I’m a coward and I miss out on the adventure of a lifetime? Or worse yet— what if he doesn’t want me to go with him?

***This is not a standalone book. So if you missed book 1 you can catch up on the beginning of Sarah’s story here:

***This Krinar World story was inspired by Anna Zaires’ Krinar Worlds Series and is a full length novel of 60K+ words.

Sci-fi Romance Paranormal Romance Action & Adventure Romance

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