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The Years Between Us

Vania Rheault

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5.0 Stars
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Zia Bishop is in love with an older man.
On the night of her high school graduation, she persuades him to take her virginity, and the wrong person discovers their secret.

Matthew Harcourt knew he should never have made love to Zia, his best friend’s daughter.
But he did, and now he’s paying the price.
He resigns himself to a life of blackmail, and for seven years Matthew keeps his all secrets safe.

When Zia’s father falls deathly ill, it’s only a matter of time before lies are uncovered, and like the passion Zia and Matthew have for each other, nothing will stay in the past.

With so many years full of deceit between them, Matthew will need to decide if he’s brave enough to finally fight for what he wants.

But after all the years that have gone by, will Zia give him a second chance after she learns the horrible truth?

Contemporary Romance

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