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Desired: Spin-off novella (Helena Hawthorn Series Book 3.5)

May Freighter

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Being a demon isn’t easy, but who else will prevent an apocalypse?

Maya hates being a demon. So when an opportunity arises to ditch her duties as a High Councillor in the Dome and return to the Human Realm, she takes it.

But what started off as a journey to see her old hunting partner and tell him her true feelings winds up in a battle to save humanity from an Archdemon Tanatos who also slipped through the Demon Gate. Before that demon becomes too strong, she must eliminate him. It may be a suicide mission, and she’ll willingly do it with the only man on her mind—Ben.

*This novella can be read as a standalone or as part of the series. It takes place during and after Helena Hawthorn Series Book 3 (Crumbling Control).
**This story is NA (New Adult) in genre whereas the main series in YA (Young Adult).

General Fantasy Paranormal Romance New Adult Romance

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