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Wife Watch (Case #008)

Velvet Rainne

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4.3 Stars
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“Only half way in? It hurts! I can’t take it all!”

Gregory always wished his wife would hook up with another man, and tonight his wish is coming true. They get a hotel double room so he can watch the action from the next room and he even picks out a sexy outfit for his wife Jacquelyn to show off everything she’s got to offer.

At first, it’s everything Gregory wanted — the sexual thrill of a lifetime. But soon it becomes clear that Jacquelyn is enjoying herself too, perhaps even more than he is. But unexpectedly, this naive husband is highly turned on by watching his hot wife fighting against her inner desires. She's reluctant and hesitant to let herself go, but could the steaminess of being with this different and well-endowed man overcome her will? Will Greg really be able to watch her take on an alpha?

This is an erotic short with bonus content. Reader discretion is advised.

Short Erotica Dark Erotica

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