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Competitive Instincts

Raleigh Davis

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5.0 Stars
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An enticing standalone romance about a bad boy billionaire with a quicksilver mind and a secret heart of gold…

Ramona (aka Doc): I’ve got troubles: a wrongly convicted brother, an empty bank account, and a hopeless crusade I can’t abandon. Finn, the bad boy of Bastard Capital, is smoking hot, amazingly funny, and dead brilliant—and trouble with a capital T. Exactly what I don’t need. Except I can’t stop thinking about his massive… brain and his nimble… wit.

But Mr. Trouble is also the world’s greatest hacker and the only person who can access the evidence of my brother’s innocence. I’ll do anything for that, including tangling with a man who might snare my heart forever.

Finn: Doc’s got a smart mouth, a stunning body, and a fantastically sharp mind. She’d be the perfect woman, except for the fact that we have explosive chemistry and she refuses to act on it.

When I unearth proof that her brother was set up, it’s the perfect excuse to get closer. I’m going to prove my brand of bad is oh so good for her.

After a few (slightly illegal) break ins and some (super illegal) data theft, it becomes clear we’re up against an old enemy. And I’m terrified I’m not strong enough to fight him and hold onto Doc at the same time…

Contemporary Romance Romantic Suspense

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