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S. W. Mann

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I've always done the right thing. Followed the rules. Stuck to curfew.

In fact, I've never even... you know.
Everyone at home said I was plain. Boring.
A rich girl with rich parents and nothing else.

I knew the only way I could live a little was to leave and go to college.

On my first night out, I met him. Instead of having fun, I got drunk and made a fool of myself.

When my friend told me no man would ever look twice at me, I knew my life had to change.

I didn't want to be the insufferable rich kid anymore.

I wanted to be someone else. I wanted the world to see me as I want to be seen.

Even if I have to hire him as my fake boyfriend.


I saw her at the club, and her innocence intrigued me.

Completely lost, abandoned, drunk.

I had to take her out of there, rescue her from the vultures like fucking Prince Charming.

And now she wants me to become her boyfriend. Her fake boyfriend at that.

But I don't date virgins. Even if her blue eyes call to me.

I want to walk away. Need to walk away.

But she pays well, and I need her money.
I have bills to pay. Things to do.

Keeping my distance is no longer an option.

Contemporary Romance New Adult Romance

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