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Dating Dutch

Misti Murphy

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4.6 Stars
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Asking my best friend’s sister to help turn me into boyfriend material is a no brainer.
What could go wrong?

Notorious for my partying lifestyle, I’m the celebrity everyone wants a piece of. Producers, directors, women. And I’m more than happy to oblige. Until it lands me in a sticky situation. A photo with the wrong woman plastered all over social media has my career hanging in the balance. I need a fake girlfriend to help me transform my image.

Jeanie Kent is a successful romance novelist and therefore intimately familiar with a subject I know nothing about. Better, she would never mistake a simple touch, an easy smile, or a whispered word for more than an act. Since she’s close to deadline and low on inspiration for her next book, I convince her that helping me out of a bind is a win-win situation.

But as touches turn heated and we create our own private language, it’s hard to see her the way I used to. Turns out it only takes one woman to bring this bad boy bachelor to his knees.

The one woman who could never see me as boyfriend material.

Romantic Comedy Contemporary Romance

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