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Trading Hearts

Katrina Liss

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5.0 Stars
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Steamy office romance.

When Fliss was sent to New York for a year on an exchange with another trader, she was looking forward to the challenge of the job.

Romance didn't feature on her agenda.

Until she met Jason, her new desk manager, and the spark of attraction ignited.

But the more she found out about him the more she realized what a bad boy he was, both at work and at play. Despite that, like a moth to a flame, she couldn't keep away.

As things heated up Fliss found herself torn in her love life, her professional integrity at risk and a huge task to help resolve. One which threatened the whole trading desk. And to make matters worse, the Chief Trader was breathing down their necks, threatening to ruin Jay and expose them all.

And Fliss had to ask herself... was Jay really worth the risk she was taking?

Fast paced trader drama woven within a passionate steamy romance.

Mature scenes and language - 18+ advised.

Contemporary Romance Erotic Romance New Adult Romance

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