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Sleepless Nights: Ethos Journey

Cheryl T. Long

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3.0 Stars
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A fun trip before abroad soon turns into a nightmare.

Three American girls, fresh out of high school, decide to go on a trip to Korea to explore the culture. But after arriving, they encounter a grim murder scene at an ancient ruin site. One of the girls is caught close to the body and the local law enforcement believe that she is the suspect.

It doesn't help that they are in a foreign city where they don’t even speak the language fluently and the odds are against them and time is running out.
Who will help three foreigners who have no idea how to get around Seoul?

The friends begin having strange dreams and memories that help them find clues to solve the murder. These memories are of a past life When the girls’ dreams strengthen, they employ the help of a Korean spiritualist who guides them into their dreams and introduces the concept of Han.

Will they solve the murder before she is declared guilty?

Find out more in this mystery to remember.

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