About Booksprout

Our mission is to help authors and readers spend more time doing what they love – writing and reading!

Started in the summer of 2015 by self-published author Chris Leippi, Booksprout is a work of love. It was originally built so that authors could reach readers right on their reading devices, but he quickly realized that it could become so much more.

Everyday, authors are faced with numerous tedious tasks that could easily be automated by a computer. So, rather than spend 5 hours performing repetitious work on each book launch, Chris spent years (kinda ironic right?) perfecting tools that would do this work for him and making them available to other authors. Along the way he's worked with some amazing people to help him realize this dream.

We believe that authors should spend their time writing, and readers should spend their time reading. Booksprout has been built completely with that single goal in mind, and we hope you like it!

The Team

FOUNDER / Chris Leippi

Chris began self-publishing in late 2013 and managed to make a living off of it rather quickly. Using those funds, he's travelled throughout the world with his girlfriend and together they've seen numerous countries from Europe, to Central America, to Asia. You can find more info about those adventures on farmboyandcitygirl.com. He hates doing anything more than once and will automate almost everything that's possible. That's what's behind most of the features on Booksprout!

WEB DESIGNER / Virginie Carmichael

Virginie is the founder of CityGirl's Design, a web design company that helps female entrepreneurs establish their online presence. She usually works with Wordpress, but since Chris is her boyfriend and she was up for a new challenge, she decided to help him out on this new project! She loves hanging out at the beach and cats are her spirit animal (in probably more ways than you'd think!)


Showing up to a co-working space on Koh Tao in Thailand, Chris met these wonderful gentlemen. A few months later, he was looking for some new Android and IOS developers to help speed up development. He'd heard them discussing projects before and was confident in their abilities, so it wasn't a hard decision to bring them into the mix. They do all kinds of development and he wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone else!


Mary Caelsto is a tech geek who lives in the rural Ozarks. From her homestead, where she cares for four spoiled horses and enough cats to make her a crazy cat lady, not to mention two vocal parrots, she helps authors as a technical virtual assistant with Unscramblet Author Solutions and writes and publishes in several genres under multiple pen names.