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We Manage Your ARC Team

Simply create a Booksprout ARC and share it with your advanced reviewers.
We'll take care of the rest!

Save Time

Take an ARC from start to finish with less than 10 minutes of your time, even with large review teams!

Higher Review Rates

Get more reviews from your team. 73.93% of ARCs downloaded through us have resulted in a review on sites like Amazon.

ARC Distribution

We distribute your ebook to each member of your ARC team so you don't have to.

Identify & Block Pirates

If you find your ARC on a file sharing website, we can identify the reader who originally downloaded it and remove them from your ARC team.

Automatic Follow Ups

Never send another follow up email. We follow up with readers that haven't yet completed their review.

Purge Non-Reviewers

We track who has left a review and who hasn't, giving you the power to prevent non-reviewers from participating.

Send Mobile Notifications

Mobile notifications are the first thing people look at when they pick up their phone or tablet. Use the Booksprout app to send mobile notifications to your fans!

Mobile Notifications

Escape the crowded inbox. Start notifying your fans of your new releases in a way they'll notice.

Get Discovered

Thousands of readers are already using our app to find new authors and books every day.

Boost Newsletter Signups

Most authors offer a single, free ebook as a signup incentive for their newsletter.
We've increased the power of that incentive by letting your readers choose any book from your catalog instead.

More Signups

Increase the power of your signup incentive by offering readers their choice of book from your preselected catalog.

Viral Giveaways

Incentivize readers to share you with their friends. They can earn more free downloads when someone they referred signs up too!

Better Subscriber Data

See which of your books are pulling in the most subscribers. Armed with better data, you can make better decisions about what to write next.

More author tools

Promo Reminders

Setup email notification whenever it's time to use your KDP Select promotional days. We'll even take you directly to your book's promotion manager, saving you time finding it in your KDP dashboard.

Amazon Keyword Finder

Increase your book's organic search ranking on Amazon by using our keyword discovery tool!

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